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imported products

The company’s current imports include processed food, cosmetics in addition to health care & beauty products, all of which are from 23 manufactures across 16 foreign countries. Our imported products total approx 50 items, the main items of which are as below (as of 1st July 2020):

【processed foods】

1)   seasoning (VEGETA) from Croatia,

2)   herbal teas from Egypt,

3)   coconut oil from the US,

4)   pan cake powder from the US,

5)   flaxseed oil from the US,

6)   maqui berry powder from the US,

7)   hemp seed nuts from Canada, and

8)   masarai tea from India.



1)   argan oils and oil soaps from Morocco,

2)   goat milk soaps from the US,

3)   olive oil soaps from Egypt,

4)   floral waters from Egypt,

5)   bio-oil from South Africa,

6)   essential lavender oil from the UK,

7)   essential tea tree oil from Australia,

8)   Bloom cosmetics (approx 50 items) from                Australia, and

9)   floral waters (rose, chamomile, lavender                and peppermint) from Bulgaria.

【health care & beauty products】

1)   glass for cosmetics use from the US,

2)   hand-made letters and envelopes from Italy,

3)   Sissi accessories from Austria,

4)   Museum goods from Croatia, and

5)   A skin analyzer from Hong Kong.

exported products

The company currently also exports goods, such as high quality Japanese food (including halal food for Muslin people), cosmetics, medical products, in addition to health care & beauty products. Several countries in the Middle East and Asia are primarily targeted by the company.

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