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Nipple Protection Cream


Lansinoh(Made in Australia)


One of the worries of breastfeeding mothers is the pain from a breaking nipple when nursing. Nipple trouble caused by breastfeeding is a symptom commonly seen in mothers with babies 0 to 2 months old who are not used to sucking nipples and mothers with 6-month old babies whose teeth are beginning to grow. Causes include many breastfeeding times, long breastfeeding times, improper sucking due to a bad holding posture, nipple rash and dryness, etc.

For treatment of nipple cuts and in order to prevent drying of nipples, we recommend applying cream oil, Purelan, exclusively for nipple care. After lactation, it is most effective to apply care cream and cover one’s nipples with saran wrap. However, if the pain is so severe that you can no longer breastfeed, please see a physician to receive appropriate treatment at a hospital.


ingredients:Lanolin (wool wax) 100%


country of origin:Australia

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