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Scientific name:Lavandula angustifolia

Family name:Labiatae

Part used: flower and leaves

Extraction method:steam distillation

Ingredients:Linalyl acetate, Linalool, 

                   acetic acid, etc.

​Note:middle note

Country of Origin: USA

​Caution: As lavender oil is known to cause

             drowsiness to people with low

             blood pressure, please refrain

             from driving.

             Not to be used during beginning

             of pregnancy either.

Pure lavender oil (USDA certified organic product)​


Lavender oil is a woody floral oil.  Thanks to the sweet, brisk fragrance, it is currently the most widely used essential oil.

Our product is 100% pure, genuine lavender oil, which has been certified by the USDA with an organic certification, bringing confidence and comfort to even first-time users.

Lavender is a ligneous, perennial plant that grows to about 90 cm tall, and blooms a small purple flower in early summer. The flowers and leaves have been used as insect repellants and antiseptics since ancient Egyptian times. Also, since the Elizabethean age, distilled lavender water has been used as a toilet water to balance the skin, and the oil has also been loved as a perfume. 


Lavender oil is able to alleviate pain and inflammation, and is also used for the emergency treatment of burns. It also has properties to calm the mind, relieve stress, and is effective against headaches, irritabilities, and insomnia.


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