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To successfully expanded business, the company is always seeking valued business partners worldwide who manufacture highly marketable products and seeking to enjoy a fruitful business partnership together.


1.    for suppliers or manufacturers:

We will import from you your products and distribute them to Japanese customers through our sales channels such as department stores, celebrated stores, mail order companies and net shopping suppliers. This will help you to open the door to the large Japanese market.

Please let us know what kinds of your products you want to sell in Japanese 



We are certain that we can act as an agent for you in Japanese market and you will enjoy successful business results together with us.


2.      for importers looking for the highest quality Japanese products:

We can export these products, especially processed food (including halal food for Muslin people), cosmetics, medical products, in addition to health care & beauty products.


We have a lot of good purchasing connections to buy these products, so we

can supply products to meet your demands. We are sure that we can satisfy the needs of the importers, which will read to your successful business performance.   

Please let us know what kinds of Japanese products you are looking for.

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