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Egyptian Organic Neroli Water


Our scent of Neroli (USDA organic certified product) made by Areej, is a very sophisticated fragrance that combines the refreshingness of bitter and the elegance of floral.

This fine scent comes from organic neroli cultivated in Areej's own farm, following a careful distillation process. Only organically cultivated neroli flowers and distilled water are lavishly used and extracted via steam distillation. Therefore, since it carries a rich fragrance with no unpleasant taste, you can enjoy the abundant aroma inherent of neroli. 

The development of this fragrance and making everything possible is a reflection of the uniqueness of the manufacturer. The entire process, from cultivation, harvesting, sorting, distillation, and the filing of neroli, is completed at the company’s own manufacturing facility and farm located in the Egypt-Nile River Basin. By doing everything in-house, it becomes possible to consistently manufacture high quality, differentiated products.  

Fragrance of Neroli

The fragrance of neroli is sophisticated and unique in nature, bitter yet slightly sweet.  Among the numerous fragrances of flowers, there is no scent as soft, blissful, spellbinding, and captivating as that of the neroli.  It is a supreme fragrance, combining both a citrusy, refreshing brightness with a floral grace.


The neroli scent offers excellent characteristics even for use in aromatherapy. The delicate, elegant and refined aroma has a psychological effect, producing a sense of euphoria and peaceful relaxation.  When you want to sleep comfortably, it is the perfect fragrance.  If you diffuse it in your bedroom, there is no greater happiness one can enjoy before bedtime.

Organic Neroli Water

Areej’s Neroli Water has captured these neroli special characteristics within an easy-to-use spray container, leaving nothing to spare.

Apply the product anywhere on your body you please, and don’t worry about dispersing or spraying it in your room.


100% Organic According to Food Standards

Areej’s neroli water has obtained organic certification by both the USDA (USA) and the ECOA(Egypt).

In particular, it is said that the USDA organic certification is one of the most difficult to acquire in the world.

USDA(United States Department of Agriculture) is a US government agency, equivalent to Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. The USDA Organic Certification is based on organic food standards prescribed by the NOP(National Organic Program), a branch of the USDA.

Products that can qualify for the 「 USDA Organic」 certification are only those products where 95-100% of all ingredients used are organically cultivated.  Areej organic neroli water is 100% organic.

There are also many strict rules, regulations, and criteria that must be adhered to and passed regarding not only the raw ingredients, but the factory and laboratories as well. 


     ingredients:bitter orange flower water 100% (organic)

     USDA、ECOA certifications

​     country of origin: Egypt

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flowers of neroli


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