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K&K Medical Machinery Int’l (hereinafter called “the company”) is an international trading house established in November, 2001. The company is a private company, however it is officially registered on the corporate register as a company duly incorporated under the Commercial Code.

The head office of the company is based in Funabashi-city in Chiba-prefecture, where is approx. 30 kilometers to the east of central Tokyo. Its branch office and warehouse are located in Musashino-city and Higashimurayma-city respectively, both of which are in the eastern part of Tokyo.


The core business of the company is the import of goods from abroad, main-ly from EU countries, the US, the UK, the Middle Eastern countries and Australia, such as processed foods, cosmetics as well as health care & beauty products.

The company distributes these imported goods to consumers across Japan through its sales channels, such as department stores, specialty stores, trav-el agencies, and mail order suppliers.


The annual turnover of the company for 2019 was approx. US$1.1 million. There is 6 persons in total working for the company, namely 2 directors, 3 employees and 1 part-time worker.

サイト 丸の内.jpeg

the business district in central Tokyo

【Vocational qualification】

The company has obtained from the Japanese Government a license to import cosmetics from abroad and to distribute themin the Japanese marketplace. Japanese laws and regulations prohibit us from importing foreign manufactured cosmetics without holding the corporate license.

The company has 19 cumulative years’ experience and knowledge in international trade.

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