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ジャスミン 画像 クラフトハウス Jasmine

flowers of jasmine

ジャスミン 画像.jpg


scientific name:jasminum grandiflorum

family name: oleaceae

ingredients:benzyl acetate, hexenyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, indole etc.

oil collection site: flower

extraction method: solvent extraction

note: middle

​​country of origin: India

caution: not to be used during pregnancy


Jasmine Oil


World’s Top Quality from India

Jasmine Oil (Grandiflorum)

             Jasmine Country of Origin – India.

             The Craft House Group has been

                            supplying the finest jasmine oil

                           (Grandiflorum) in India for many years.

The group’s Jasmine Oil draws out the full charm and magic of Jasmine, enticing people to a heavenly bliss.


The jasmine flower is a pretty white dainty flower.  The jasmine oil that can be produced from the flower amounts to only 1 ml (roughly 1g), extracted from 8000 flowers. It an extremely valuable, essential oil. The rich, exotic and gorgeous scent has given the jasmine’s fragrance the name, ‘The King of Scents’.  It relaxes you, bringing you into a state of euphoria and ultimate bliss (also used as an aphrodisiac). 

 Jasmine oil can be used with all skin types, from oily, dry, to sensitive skin (requires dilution). It is said to have cell promoting effects and is used as a prevention of wrinkles. Ideal for a relaxing bath.  


     ※Jasmine is the generic name, as there are 300 kinds            throughout the world. Among them, the two best

        Asian ones are the grandiflorum and the sambac         


        The grandiflorum species flowers bloom at dawn

        (Sambac at night), while the scent is softer and more          elegant than the Sambac.  It is often used for



ジャスミン 像の画像.jpg
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