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frankincense sap flowing out of the trees

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volume: 30ml

Solidified frankincense

Frankincense Oil


Oman Frankinsense Oil

Quality of the World’s Highest Level


Frankincense Oil (frankincense) is an essential oil that can be extracted from the Frankincense tree year round, as it grows along the hot Arabian Red Sea coast. If you scratch the tree bark, the sap flows out, and when it comes in contact with the air, becomes hard like stone. Then, liquefied by the steam distillation method, an essential oil called Frankincense Oil, is created.


Frankincense, which is very difficult to cultivate as it can only be grown in its natural habitat, is a very valuable substance. Frankincense, which also appears in the birth story of Christ, was formerly traded on par with gold.


As the fragrance of Frankincense has a deep and rich relaxing effect, it is widely used as a component of cosmetics and perfume, in addition to being used alone.  In particular, frankincense from Oman is recognized and has established itself as the world’s best frankincense, thanks to its high quality.

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