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コピルアク コーヒーの実画像.jpg

coffee cherry (fruits of coffee)

コピルアク ネコ画像.jpg

luwak (a kind of wild cats) eating coffee cherry

コピルアク フィリピン 画像.jpg

gold can: 100g       red can:50g

Aramid coffee


Irresistible for Coffee Lovers!

Moment of Bliss – Aramid Coffee from the Philippines(Arabica species)

Referred to as the “Phantom-, Dream-like Coffee”, is Aramid Coffee (Civet Coffee). The Philippines’ Aramid Coffee is 100% pure Arabica coffee beans, processed from wild civets.  It is not a blended product.


Civits eat only ripe coffee seeds. As a result, Aramid coffee are ripe and matured coffee beans. Like wine, it is characterized by the flavor improving and changing over time.  Though smooth in taste, it also boasts a full body with rich profile, and a fruity flavored coffee that you can easily enjoy.

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