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Egyptian herbal teas

Herb Tea


One of the world's leading herb producers - Egypt. Egyptian herb tea has been drunk since the Pharaonic era over 5000 years ago.


Royal Herb is the leading food manufacturer in Egypt, with its own farm based in the Delta region downstream of the Nile River and in Sudan.

It is a top enterprise within the herbal industry. The company’s herb tea comes with a quality and safety guarantee, approved with organic certifications from JAS, USDA, and the like, manufactured under strict and thorough quality control.  It is globally recognized as one of the finest organic herbal teas. 


   ※Our company imports the following 7 flavors of herbal tea.



 Chamomile tea has a fruity scent, offering a smooth and gentle taste. , Calming.  Ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

 Part used: Flower



 Peppermint tea provides a refreshing, cooling, and soothing aroma and

 sensation.  If you ever might feel irritated or stressed, a cup of peppermint tea

 can alleviate your nerves and refresh your mood. It is also known to help with

 digestion, and can be ideal for overeating as well. Part used: leaves.



 Caraway tea carries a hint of sweetness but is quite mild and mellow.  It is

 effective against indigestion and a heavy stomach. Following a meal, it can also

 help against any halitosis. Part used: fruit.


 Marjoram tea is a nectarous, slightly bittersweet, and spicy-flavored herb tea. A

 cup makes you hungry before a meal, and helps with digestion after one. One

 can also expect a calming effect for one’s nerves, and is also ideal as an evening

 tea to usher you into a restful sleep.  You will be fast asleep and refreshed in the

 morning. Part used: leaves.


​ Anise tea is spicy to some extent, yet also has a slightly sweet aroma and flavor

 profile. It is known to be good for digestion and effective against a heavy

 stomach and gastrointestinal gas. Additionally, it can refresh your breath, and

 eliminate halitosis. Part used: seed.


 There are many varieties of thyme, but the one used for herbal teas is called

 common thyme.  Thyme tea boasts excellent antibacterial power and also

 relieves symptoms from infections such as colds and gastroenteritis. It is also

 effective for promoting digestion and helpful after overeating. Part used: leaves.



 Hibiscus tea is made from dried seeds of the sepals of the Roselle Hibiscus

 flower. Effective diuretic, relieves edema. Abundant in citric acid, it aids in

 fatigue recovery. Anthocyanin pigment reduces eye strain. 

 Part used: calyx(sepals) of the flower.



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​Royal Herb Corporation’s plantation

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starting from Japan’s JAS certification, Royal Herb has acquired numerous international agricultural certifications for their plantation’s standards.

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