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コピルアク コーヒーの実画像.jpg

coffee cherry (fruits of coffee)

コピルアク ネコ画像.jpg

luwak (a kind of wild cats) eating coffee cherry

[Another Way to Enjoy Kopi Luwak]

    Kopi Luwak has a delicious aftertaste.        For a different experience, try brewing      some warm Kopi Luwak the night

    before, then try drinking some cold

    Kopi Luwak coffee then following


   The richness of coffee will increase

   overnight, so you can enjoy another

   flavor of Kopi Luwak, which is different

   from when drank hot.  By all means,

   please try this style as well.

Kopi Luwak


                    Irresistible for Coffee Lovers!

                    World’s Supreme

                    Kopi Luwak from Indonesia



In the past, it was referred to as the ‘Dreamlike, Phantom-like Coffee’, Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee).  It is the pure, original, 100% Indonesian Kopi Luwak (Arabica type). It is not a blended product. 


Since the Kopi Luwak that we are selling has been managed and produced by a Japanese-operated company called Balistar Coffee for many years in Indonesia, both quality and the source of the beans are very safe.  Moreover, since the provincial government has guaranteed that the beans are organic and Arabica, one can be further assured of the quality and safety of the product (the warranty label is affixed on the package).


There are two types of Kopi Luwak: (1) natural beans taken from wild civet cats, and (2) farm-raised beans that are processed by farmed civet cats.  Furthermore, each type offers both roasted and ground coffee. In total, there are 4 offerings so you can enjoy the selection according to your taste. 


サイト  コピルアク・イラスト.jpg
コピルアク 左斜め グラウンド豆.png
コピルアク 右斜め正面 ロースト豆.png

grounded                                 non-grounded

60g for each

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