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Argan Oil

Morocco is the only producer in the world

Argan is a tree that exists only in the deserts of the Agadir region, in southern Morocco.  The oil that can be extracted from the argan fruit is Morocco’s specialty product, Argan oil. However, only 2kg of oil can be extracted from 100 kg of fruit. For that reason, Argan oil is called the “jewel of oil”.


Argan oil, with its strong antioxidative effects, including 4 times the amount of vitamin E found in olives, and known to be an effective nutrient to maintain youth and beauty, suppresses the action of active oxygen, which causes wrinkles and spots. For this reason, it has been treasured as a miracle oil, capable of delaying aging by 10 years from long ago.  It is also widely used as nutritional supplement and protective agent for hair. Morover, there is no tackiness, characteristic to most oils. 


Argan oil from Morocco has high moisturizing capacity and provides a dampish moisture to one’s skin.  Since it places no burden to your skin, it can be applied to your entire body, whether you have sensitive or dry skin.






Argan oil soap

Argan oil soap is soap made using the excellent characteristics of Argan oil. When you wash your skin with Argan soap, you can feel your skin being "soft, silky" and "moist".


This is because Argan oil soap contains the moisturizing power of Argan oil and has the merit of “not washing too much”.

General soap cleanly removes dirt from your sebum, but at the same time it also washes away the necessary sebum from your skin. Then, the skin becomes too dry, and to compensate for the inadequate sebum, your body produces excess sebum, which then becomes the cause of skin problems.


Argan oil soap serves to preserve the necessary amount of sebum on the skin, without washing away any necessary sebum, while also removing dirt from one’s sebum. As a result, you can preserve your healthy and beautiful skin.


     Weight:100g(per each)

     Ingredients:argan oil, palm kernel fatty 

            acid sodium, water, sodium 

            chloride, EDTA, etidronic acid,

            distyrylbiphenyldisulfonic acid


サイト アルガンオイル(12ml)
サイト アルアンオイル(50ml).jpg

volume:120g                                  volume: 50ml

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