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The finest Argan Oil(made in France)

~ Easy-to-use, roll-on type ~


This product is an Ecocert certified cosmetic, a certification created by French doctor, Dr. Filippo.  The finest argan oil selected carefully from Morocco can be applied anywhere on your body, such as your face, hands, feet, or hair. 4 times the amount of Vitamin E compared to an olive. It is excellent in moisturizing capacity, bringing health and moisture to your skin and hair.


Since the container is a roll-on-type, it will always dispense an appropriate amount of oil. You will also be able to quickly apply the oil anywhere on your body, without feeling sticky.

The pocket-sized container is also convenient and easy to carry around. Since the product is made with French quality, there are no defects and the container is very durable.  It will not break.


Melchior & Balthazar, the manufacturer, is recommended by the French Embassy in Japan.

   ingredients:organic argania spinosa nuclear oil (100% pure Argan oil)

   size: height 9cm, diameter 2cm

   source of origin:France(ingredients:Morocco)

サイト アルガン ロールオン.png.jpg
サイト アルガン ロールオン.png
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