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Rose Water from    Bulgarska Rosa


volume: 330ml

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quality qurantee mark

by the Bulgarian government

Rose water


Rose giant - Bulgaria.

70% of the world’s rose perfume is made in Bulgaria. The natural rose water that is born from those Bulgarian roses boasts the highest quality in the world.


Bulgarian rose water, is 100% pure rose water, made by steam distilling the petals of the queen of fragrant roses, “Damask Rose”.

Rose water can be used to care for any part of one’s body, from head to toe.  Your skin’s pores are tightened thanks to the anti-inflammatory action and an astringent effect, bringing smoothness to your skin.  When sprinkled on your hair, rose water supplies shine and elasticity to your hair. No matter where you apply it, this organic toilet water is not sticky, and is easy to use.

The rich fragrance of damask rose has a relaxation effect.  It balances your feelings and heals your mind. It also reduces your anxiety and relieves stress. Our rose water is approved with the quality guarantee from the Bulgarian government.

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