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Tasha Soap


Tasha Soap

Handmade Soap made from Goat Milk

The handmade goat milk soap is made by the Tasha Tudor family.  It is made in the USA, and imported directly from the family. Goat milk soap is characterized by producing very fine, creamy foam. You feel safe when using it since all of its ingredients are natural.  It is gentle to your skin because its pH level is close to the skin’s pH, and it is also recommended for sensitive skin.


There are four types of goat milk: goat, daffodil, chicken, and hummingbird.

On the surface of the soap, each relief is engraved.  The adorably drawn illustrations by Tasha of goats, daffodils, chickens, and hummingbirds, drawn on the soap’s box, warm your heart. On the back of the box, there is a picture of Tasha Tudor, along with her signature.  The soap makes for an ideal gift. About 120g (slight variations in weight as product is handmade).


サイト ターシャ石けん(山羊).jpg
サイト ターシャ石けん(水仙).jpg

goats                                          narcissuses

サイト ターシャ石けん(にわとり).jpg
サイト ターシャ石けん(ハチドリ).jpg

chieckens                                   hummingbirds

a well kept Tasha's garden


Muggie, having been a member of Tasha family

Ingredients】 > 

Goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, vitamin E oil, vegetable oil, distilled water, beeswax, sodium hydroxide, and the following essential oils:

        Goat: Lavender essential oil

   Narcissus: Lemongrass Essential Oil

          Chickens: Peppermint essential oil

          Hummingbirds: Lavender essential oils 


【Weight】 about120g(slight variations in weight as product is handmade)

​【Country of Origin】 USA

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