Vienna art history museum

Elizabeth (Sissi)

Elizabeth  Jewelry


Elizabeth Jewelry from the Vienna Art History Museum

~Made with Swarovski Crystal~

Elizabeth Jewelry is only available at the Vienna Art History Museum, one of Europe’s three largest museums.  The museum designed goods after the star-shaped hair ornaments worn by Elizabeth in a portrait of her by Franz Winterhalter in 1865, which is also owned by the museum. 

The lavishly Swarovski crystal-studded Elizabeth jewelry is an Austrian-made product, guaranteed by the Vienna Art History Museum. This is actually the first time that the museum tied up with a Japanese importer.  The jewelry is endorsed by the Austrian Embassy.

【gold collection】

   bracelet                                 necklace               brooch         earrings (pierced)  

  earrings (pierced)       Pendant top            earrings  (new products)

【silver collection】

   bracelet                                necklace               brooch             earrings (pierced)  

  earrings (pierced)       Pendant top      earrings  (new products)

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